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Google AdWords help

If you're looking for Google AdWords help to set up a new account, or make an existing campaign work better, please read on. Web Search Workshop have been working with AdWords for 10 years and we can provide you with expert help and support in Sydney and throughout Australia.

Google AdWords is the dominant form of PPC (pay-per-click) advertising and highly popular with many companies, which means that competition and costs are increasing. A poorly structured or managed AdWords campaign can quickly spend your advertising budget with little return, so whether you have tried AdWords before, or want to test a new campaign for your business, speak to the Web Search Workshop first - the professional AdWords agency in Sydney.

Our professional and experienced AdWords specialists can help your business get the most from your advertising spend. We will work with you to target your potential customers as accurately as possible and to ensure that your objectives can be achieved. We can offer you a number of different services:

AdWords campaign management

If you want to have a professionally managed AdWords campaign, we can help to set-up and run a campaign for you, or we can take on your existing campaign and manage this to meet your objectives. You will find our service will be dedicated to getting the best possible results from your advertising spend, with regular communication and reports, clear explanations along the way, and cost-effective management that focuses on your budget and conversions. We are a Google AdWords Certified Partner, reflecting our experience and understanding of the system to give you confidence in our service.

AdWords support or consultancy

All of our clients retain full access to their Google AdWords accounts, whether we are providing a full service or occasional support. If you already have an AdWords account and would like a one-off review, or our monthly feedback and recommendations to help you develop the campaign, we provide this option as well. Contact us now using the form below to find out more about this service and how we can help you improve your AdWords advertising.

AdWords training courses

We can also provide Google AdWords training, either as in-house courses or as part of a scheduled training course. Ranging from beginners training sessions, to advanced courses for those with some experience, our AdWords training can help you develop your PPC management skills in-house to get the best from your advertising spend. To find out more about these options, please visit our specialist AdWords training website.


So whether you want to target a local, national or international market, there's no time like the present to start testing a professionally managed Google AdWords campaign. If you'd like a better quality of service at very affordable prices, contact the Web Search Workshop now by calling 1300 852 877 or submit the form below:

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